High Speed PCB Designing

  • Single, Double Sided Multilayer PCB.
  • THT via, blind, buried and Micro Technology.
  • Expertise in High speed digital, mixed signal, Analog & Power boards.
  • Bus routing, Differential Pairs, Delay Tuning. PCB Designs for space, military and commercial applications.
  • DDR2, DDR3, PCI, PCI Exp, HDMI, Fine Pitch Micro BGA design Expertise.
  • Single Ended and Differential Controlled Impedance Designs.
  • High Density SMT Designs. Rigid-Flex PCBs.
  • Design for Manufacture / Test / Assembly.
  • Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Thermal, EMI/EMC Analysis
  • We have our own Design checklist to ensure error free Gerber.
  • Integrating Mechanical & Electrical CAD data for assembly verification.

Schematic Capture & Netlist

  • We draw schematic and deliver netlist from any form of input to Electrical diagram which you provide us.
  • All Electrical rule checks will be performed.
  • Net list can be generated for use of various Layout tools.

Parts Library Management

Our dedicated library team produce highly accurate symbols, footprints / decals & parts needed for PCB design with best quality checks. This helps customers to start PCB designs instantaneously. We also create a complete library database.

Footprints / Decals will meet IPC7351 standards or manufacturers recommended Land Patterns.