Testing & Prototype

Testing & Prototype Fabrication

PCB prototype is a sample template with which students, engineers, and innovators test their design before going on to mass production. So, why opt for PCB prototype and not go straight to production? These are some of the reasons:

Design Flaws: The best way to adjust your design in case of errors is with the use of PCB prototypes. PCB prototypes allow you to make corrections before going on to mass production.

Testing: PCB prototype ensures your design is well tested and the components value adjusted. This reduces the risk of errors that might occur when you go straight to production.

Cost: By using PCB prototype, you avoid the cost that might be incurred by mass producing a flawed design. But with PCB prototype, proper decision and planning are made.



  • Signal Integrity
  • EMI/EMC Analysis
  • Power Integrity
  • Thermal Analysis
  • DFF Analysis - Design for Fabrication
  • DFA Analysis - Design for Assembly